Danger and Suspense
Redaction doesn’t always conceal the
truth...sometimes it unleashes a killer.

Ex Black Ops Jake Forster paid the ultimate
price for deceiving his wife: she divorced
him.  But when pilot Nikki Porter's lone
passenger mysteriously dies mid-flight and
Nikki becomes the target of a madman, she
must rely on all her ex-husband’s skills to
survive—the very skills she once claimed
to despise.  

Fleeing to a houseboat in the Florida
Panhandle, they struggle to unravel the
mystery behind her dead passenger’s
identity. As they navigate the twisting,
treacherous path of pretense, greed and
murder, they discover three things they
never expected to find...things capable of
surviving the mistakes of the past:
Hope...and Love.
Inspirational Romance
Gritty Suspense grounded in Faith, Hope,
and Love